What Happens if you Take Viagra and Don’t Need it

By Nidhi Nangia. May 15, 2017
What Happens if you Take Viagra and Don’t Need it

Treatments - Is it okay for men to take Viagra?

How can erection problems be treated ? You must start analyzing the cause of the erection problem before you can give an optimal treatment. After probable causes have been diagnosed, it is time to look at what treatments are available. Sometimes there are other sexual problems that may also be worth considering.

Treatments for impotence?

There are now several solutions for men who have problems getting by. Among the most effective treatments for failing erections, either Viagra , Cialis , Levitra or the new pill Spedra is used for most men. Viagra is a phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitor that is usually prescribed to men with erectile dysfunction. Generically known as sildenafil citrate, it is also available as Levitra and Cialis. Its erotic commercial ads have inspired a number of otherwise healthy and active men to take Viagra for recreational purposes. Yes, such men are taking Viagra only for recreation, and not because of appropriate necessity. This usually leads to drug abuse, and can lead to a number of side effects and potential dangers. This healthymancomplaints article is trying to find out what happens if you take Viagra and don’t need it.

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How Viagra works

Among the alternative treatments to treat impotence are surgery with implants, penis pump , Vigrx plus , herbal viagra (eg Gingko or Indian ginseng) and acupuncture. Treatment for premature ejaculation For erection problems in the form of premature ejaculation, Priligy is the only approved drug on the market today, although Clomipramine (Anafranil) - an anti-depressant drug is prescribed for some men. Effective methods without drugs are the stop-start technique, delay spray or delay cream , condom with anesthetic cream or the Masters-Johnson method. Read more on our page about premature ejaculation. Contrary to what you see in most TV commercials, Viagra itself does not cause erection directly, but sets a stage for it. In reality, Viagra will work only if you are already stimulated sexually. If you take Viagra and go to work, you will most probably not notice any difference in the way you behave. Viagra contains sildenafil citrate, a chemical that relaxes the wall muscles of your blood vessels. This leads to an increase in flow of blood in certain parts of your body, including the penis. Due to this, you end up having a harder, longer, more rigid erection that helps you to give a better performance in bed. But what if you take Viagra with some other plans and your date ends up going home early? Generic Viagra is a medicine that contains the same active ingredient (sildenafil) as the original Viaga. Viagra is manufactured by the company Pfizer, which for many years had the exclusive right to sell the drug. When the patent expired in 2013, many alternatives came on the market, often with a lower price. What does generic Viagra contain? Generic Viagra contains sildenafil, the active substance in Viagra. When Pfizer's patent expired, many bad copies came on the market with uneven quality and uncertain content. Many bad or even dangerous copies come from India or China such as Kamagra, Silagra, Edegra, Penegra or Zenegra. Sometimes without active ingredient and sometimes with too much sildenafil with high risk of overdose. In recent years, however, several large pharmaceutical companies have begun to sell their variants of generic Viagra that maintain high and consistent quality at a lower price than Viagra. Is generic legal or not? It is legal to sell generic Viagra in Sweden, but the drug must be prescribed by a licensed doctor and come from a licensed manufacturer. Online pharmacies in Sweden that sell generic viagra from licensed manufacturers and with a simple form reviewed by a licensed doctor are for example.


The most noticeable effect of taking Viagra when not needed is priapism. This is a condition when your penis erects after taking Viagra, and the erection stays for several hours. You also experience the following:

  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Chest pain
  • Nausea
  • Pain in the penis along with the prolonged erection.

If this happens, you may not be able to have sex, instead you end up having pain and irritation in your private part. Most of the times, the erection goes away within a few hours as the effects of Viagra subside. Some men may also relieve by masturbating, once or twice. But if the erection stays for more than 4 hours, you will need to take help from medical intervention. In most cases, blood from your penis will be ejected with injections, which is in itself a painful and embarrassing procedure.

What Happens if you Take Viagra and Don’t Need it - Priapism

Immediate side effects of taking Viagra when not needed

Viagra helps men with erectile dysfunction to have an erection while wanting to enjoy sex. It is sometimes a necessity, as lack of sex can actually lead to disagreements in marriage or relationships. But if taken for recreation, it can have unwanted side effects that the man has to deal with, including:

  • Headache
  • Upset stomach or diarrhea
  • Flushing
  • Reddening of the face
  • Abnormal vision, or seeing everything in a blue tint
  • Runny nose
  • Dry nasal passages
  • Heart burn
  • Damage to the retina
  • Dizziness
  • Priapism
  • Even death, if you happen to take it along with nitroglycerin (medications such as Isordill, Imdur, Ismo or Monoket)

What happens if a woman takes viagra?

If, for whatever reason, a woman takes viagra, there is currently no evidence that it also increases a woman's libido. A study from UCLA, recently reported that taking viagra can increase blood flow to the woman's genitalia. However, possible side effects are exactly the same as those experienced by men.

Remember, Viagra is not suitable for women, so don't attempt to use it for either medical or recreational purposes.

Long term effects of Viagra if taken unnecessarily

If you frequently take Viagra for recreation purposes, you may experience following long-term side effects:

  • Dependence on Viagra for sexual pleasure in future
  • Inability to achieve erection without using Viagra
  • Increased risks of having unsafe sex
  • Increased risks of catching a sexually transmitted disease
  • Cardiovascular risks

Natural ways to boost sexual performance

Instead of relying on Viagra to boost your sexual performance, you should know how to naturally achieve a longer and harder erections. Follow these tips from healthymancomplaints that will serve as natural alternatives to Viagra:

  • Exercising regularly: This will help increase the amount of serotonin in your body and increase your blood flow, making it easier to get an erection.
  • Managing weight: It is a known fact that a high cholesterol level affects your blood flow, by creating clots in your system, making it harder for blood to circulate around your body.
  • Reducing stress: This is one of the most common symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Stress and anxiety can create impotence too, so make sure you solve your issues with any nerves-related disorder.
  • Quitting smoking: One of the worse habits that will give you bad erections or erectile dysfunction is smoking, as it also affects correct blood flow. Make sure you quit this habit if you want to improve your erections without viagra.

Certain foods can also be helpful, such as watermelon, pistachios, beets, pomegranate, oatmeal etc. These foods improve your cardiovascular health, thereby improve your blood flow and help your erections. Consume heart healthy foods and supplements instead of taking Viagra, as it can not only boost your sexual performance, but also improve your overall well-being.

This article is merely informative, healthymancomplaints does not have the authority to prescribe any medical treatments or create a diagnosis. We invite you to visit your doctor if you have any type of condition or pain.

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  • If you have taken viagra and feel any of the side effects mentioned in the article, it's vitally important you visit your doctor as soon as possible so you can be treated adequately and symptoms do not get worse.

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What Happens if you Take Viagra and Don’t Need it
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What Happens if you Take Viagra and Don’t Need it

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